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Hi Everyone!!

As of April 1, 2018, A Higher Balance is located at 16 Front St. Suite 205, in downtown Salem…a block away.
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       Judy Christine Copp, M.ED, RPP, RMT

email:  judy@ahigherbalance.com
Phone:  617*240*3671




Exceptional private sessions for Energy Healing….

Reiki Certification Training…

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Weekly meditation class, Group Healings, Shamanic Journeys and more

I would love to hear from you!

Contact: 617*240*3671


Programs for your spiritual awakening

A Higher Balance Healing Center is dedicated to fostering healing, transformation, peace and spiritual awakening for individuals and the world.
Judy combines heart-focused energy healing sessions with intuitive coaching to bring about  higher consciousness. Expect new levels of ongoing peace, openness and transformation.

Classes and gatherings offer an opportunity to be with kindred spirits. Judy offers many group programs, and sponsor’s other teachers to bring their gifts to the Higher Balance community.

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Your highest essence, your true Self, is already inside you. When your new alignment takes hold, you enter a quiet bliss and walk in the truth of your heart, soul and being.


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