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About Judy


Judy is passionate about her work and helps others to access their highest Light and Soul Essence through intuitive, heart-based energy healing. Judy also offers many classes, gatherings and programs for self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
With a deep level of understanding about human psychology, the energy system, and transformational processes,  Judy offers profound presence and a deep sense of the sacred when working with you. Judy will access high vibrational energy and the help of your healing guides and angels to align your energy field to it’s next level. She provides inner child work, helps with past trauma, facilitates deep peace and alignment to Source energy to allow for letting go and moving forward.
      “Energy healing is about deep letting go as much as it is to move forward, or upwards. There is an aspect of each of us who is already healed, already awake, already fully evolved. We just need to let go into that Self.”-Judy


Judy holds many certifications and draws on several healing  modalities to support others on their path to wholeness.

Member, American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)

Bodywork certifications
Polarity Therapy (all levels) RPP (Registered Polarity Practitioner)
Reiki Shamanism certifications Levels 1 & 2
Level 3  RYSE® practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Reiki and Shamballah Multidimensional Healing
Lighterian Reiki
LMP  (Licensed Massage Practitioner)
Certified in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Special trainings
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Educator (Kripalu)
Certified professional  500-hour level Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Mind/Body institute  Stress Management Program, Harvard Medical School
Registered Lightarian Facilitator
Certified Soul Therapy Practitioner
Certified SoulCollage(r) Facilitator
Conscious Living and Dying (Light Body School)
Munay-Ki Rites graduate
Initiated to provide crown chakra activations/divine openings

M.Ed,  Psychology, Cambridge College
BS, Media Communications, Emerson College
AS, Liberal Arts, Northeastern University

Judy is an intuitive empath who works to activate  transformation and healing on all levels of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Through  her private healing sessions and her classes and trainings, she serves to awaken others to their highest healed self.

Past Affiliations

  • Past Member of the Board of Directors  of the Integrative Medicine Alliance   (IMA), an organization dedicated to deepening the quality of human experience in health care by embracing diverse healing traditions.
  • Care Alternatives volunteer with hospice providing Reiki Healing
  • Volunteer care provider at the  Penny Bear Company, serving those with cancer, MS and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Volunteer member of Dying Consciously.org, providing distance healing and Spirit Flights for those who are transitioning or have transitioned to Heaven.


One with All
by Judy Copp

Thank you God for now I know
from where I’ve come
and where I’ll go.
All I see is here in me.
I AM the sky, the flowers, the tree.
All I hear I AM as well.
The song of birds,
the waves that swell.
All I feel and understand
is already what I AM.
The earth and grass beneath my feet;
the wind that sweeps across my cheek.
I fall to my knees with humility
and ask all beings come to see
From where they’ve come
and where they’ll go
in blessed union for all tomorrows.


Contact:   cell 617*240*3671
Email:      Judy@AHigherBalance.com