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Healing Sessions at A Higher Balance


My intention for each session is to help you let go of what no longer serves you by bringing in the highest divine energy for you.  Most sessions combine Polarity, Reiki, RYSE®, crystal work and sound healing. Judy is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP), Usui Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) and holds certifications in many other modalities.  I often combine modalities to best suit your needs. Call anytime!
Whether you are feeling unhappy, stuck, frustrated or not in your joy for any reason, this work will help you.  Emotional healing is a common request and with a master’s degree in Psychological Studies, I welcome the depth of healing work for emotional wellbeing.

Descriptions and rates are listed below.
To schedule a session or request a gift certificate, call  617*240*3671, or email Judy at Judy@ahigherbalance.com

Please note, make your payment by check made to Judy, or cash; no credit cards. If you park at a meter, please put extra quarters in the meter. End times may be fluid.

Healing Modalities


Judy provides Polarity Therapy,  RYSE®, Usui and Lighterian Reiki Healing, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. Sessions are often combined with two or three modalities, which provide deep peace peace and bliss.

 Most sessions include intuitive guidance and an angel card reading.

Distance healing with Reiki or RYSE is also available and is very effective.  Clients report pleasant sensations and have  immediate results that are the same as if they were in a person-to-person session.  Rates for distance are the same as rates for one-hour sessions.

A Higher Balance Services


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Polarity Hands-on clearing creates transformation
and alignment with your clarity, joy

RYSE Realizing Your Sublime Energies –
a powerful way to gain creativity and transformation through releasing
the past and connecting to your soul’s blueprint.  

REIKI Very calming, full hand contact to give you
peace, relaxation and nurturing. Usui and Lightarian Reiki are combined.

Reconnective Healing: Balances mind, body and spirit and aligns
you to your highest being

The Reconnection Connects you to your Light Body and
moves you toward your soul’s purpose

Coaching: Speak your heart and mind; receive heartfelt
listening & intuitive guidance 

Coaching with Energywork: Talk through your thoughts and feelings;
energywork clears and aligns


60 minute healing sessions $85

Polarity, RYSE, Reiki, Reconnective Healing
or energy combo session………………………………………………..$85

Intuitive Coaching (One hour)………………………………………..$85

90-minute healing sessions (most common session)

Energy healing with Polarity, Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing
with or without massage
Sliding scale (your choice)……………………………………………..$95 – $140

The Reconnection (for both sessions)……..$333

Two-hour session: sliding scale $160-$195 (your choice)

       SoulSpace is Judy’s premier offering, and includes massage, essential oils, and energy healing with Polarity, Reiki, sound and crystal healing

If you want to spend time in dialog to work through problems verbally, coaching can be added to a 90-minute or two-hour session.

Judy’s private healing sessions provide
transformation and awakening
optimism and creativity
a better flow in life
more energy and motivation

Judy accesses intuition and higher energy to provide a wonderful inner journey with lasting results.

No matter which type of healing work you choose, expect magic in your life!  Most modalities encompass some sound healing, which quickly raise energy. Intuitive guidance is typically part of every session.  Judy uses her intuitive ability throughout your session, and receives information from your body and energy system to guide her work.  Information from guidance often comes through to provide direct, meaningful messages of encouragement for all Judy’s clients.

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