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Massage can relax and re-energizeTherapeutic massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress.  Massage produces the relaxation response – your body’s message that it’s time to slow down and take it easy.  Your heart rate slows, your circulation increases, digestion improves and your muscles relax.

 Whether you choose a full massage session or combine it with energy healing, you will receive benefits from Judy’s way of being present with your body, mind, feelings and spirit.  Judy’s massage is heart-based as she stays fully aligned to Source energy and accesses her intuition to provide you with what your system requires for openness and healing.

Choices for massage include Swedish, Holistic (combines massage and Polarity) and massage for Fibromyalgia. 

Massage is often accompanied with Polarity and/or Reiki, and all massage clients receive a RYSE clearing at the end of the session to completely clear the aura and chakra system.

This wonderful way to relax has amazing results for your body, emotions and sense of well-being.

90-minute sessions are most common and are offered at a sliding scale of $95 – $150 (your choice).  For those on the go or who want shorter sessions, a one-hour option is available for $85. All massage sessions include an angel card reading if you’d like.

Also offered:  SoulSpace – a two-hour journey that combines massage with Polarity Therapy, RYSE, aromatherapy, sound healing and an angel card reading. Sliding Scale, $150-$195

No matter which type of massage you receive, it is customized just for you.  All sessions come with beautiful calming music.


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