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Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing system providing a profound experience and long-lasting results.  Polarity healing encompasses gentle pressure on specific points or pathways on the body, as well as massage, foot reflexology, craniosacral, stretching and rocking. Benefits of Polarity are profound relaxation, new insights and clarity, emotional and mental balance, spiritual attunement, and increased vitality, optimism and joy.  Judy’s clients often report being in new flow, with clarity and peace in their thinking, and a feeling of openness and acceptance.

One-hour Polarity session is $85; 90 minutes is sliding scale, $95-$140 (your choice).

Polarity works with the five elements:  fire, earth, air water and ether.  Each of these elements govern specific aspects of our body, mind, emotions and spirit.  The pathways for these elements exist in the body and Polarity opens and clears the channels, making it easier to access and maintain your highest, most joyful aspects.

Here’s how Polarity works with the five elements (simplified):

Element     Blocks manifest as…               Balanced energy manifests as…

Ether            Pride, Grief                                 Humility, acceptance
Air                 Indecisiveness                           Clarity, living our own truth
Fire               Reckless, angry                         Kind, creative, able to take right action
Water           Negative, confused                  Nurturing, transformative
Earth            Stubborn, critical                     Helpful, playful

Clients feel pleasurable waves of energy moving through them while receiving treatments.  Often people report seeing colors or dream-like images.  Polarity produces an inner journey, often deep or mystical.

Effects are long-lasting, as Polarity “re-wires” your energetic patterns, opening you to your next level of being “all of who you are” while old patterns and limiting beliefs release.

Judy works with divine light and love.  Polarity is a wonderful healing modality that works to channel high energy to your body, consciousness and soul.

To request a gift certificate, contact Judy at Judy@AHigherBalance.com

“It’s a joy just to drive to see Judy, knowing I’ll receive a treatment – I love coming here.”  Anne, Gloucester

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