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Rates & Overview


Here is a list of healing services offered, along with their rates.
You may always contact Judy to discuss your goals!

The most common healing session is an energy combo: Polarity, Usui/Lightarian Reiki, Crystal healing, a quick RYSE clearing, Sound Healing and your selection of cards (angel cards and other decks who want to give inspirations)!  Most common is 90 minutes, but one hour sessions are also beautifully effective.

Best way to book your session:  contact Judy by phone: cell 617*240*3671
Or, by email:  judy@ahigherbalance.com.  


Polarity A Higher Balance Salem MA
Hands-on clearing creates transformation and alignment with your clarity, joy.
1 hour session:$75
90 minute session or RYSE®/Polarity Combo : Sliding scale (your choice) $85 – $140


RYSE A Higher Balance Salem MA
Realizing Your Sublime Energies –a powerful way to empower and transform
1 hour session: $75
90 minute session or RYSE®/Polarity Combo: Sliding scale (your choice) $85 – $140


Reiki A Higher Balance Salem MA
Usui and Lightarian Reiki together are powerful and very calming.
This is full -hand contact to give you peace, relaxation and nurturing

1 hour session: $75


SoulSpace A Higher Balance Salem MA
SoulSpace is a special two-hour session which includes a combination of  conversation/coaching, Polarity Therapy, Usui and Lightarian Reiki, Crystal healing, Aromatherapy, sacred sound healing and an angel card reading. All sessions are customized for you.
A special gift to yourself or someone you love, this service is offered at $175.

Reconnective Healing

The Reconnection Healing A Higher Balance Salem MA
Balances mind, body and spirit and aligns you to your highest being
1 hour session:$75. 1-3 Reconnective Healing sessions are recommended
but not required before receiving The Reconnection

The Reconnection

The Reconnection A Higher Balance Salem MA
Connects you to your Light Body and moves you toward your soul’s purpose.
Two sessions are required for The Reconnection, received within four days of each other
$333 for both

(Pricing for The Reconnection is mandated worldwide)


Speak your heart and mind; receive heartfelt listening & intuitive guidance
1 hour session:$75
Two-Hour Coaching and Energy Healing Combo.
Great for deep release with compassionate listening and energetic support:
sliding scale (your choice) $150-$195

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always available!
Contact Judy to purchase a gift certificate:  cell 617*240*3671 or judy@ahigherbalance.com