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Reiki Shamanism


Shamanic Reiki Master Level III

With Grace Germaine Walsh

September 16 & 17, 2017   ****  10am to 4pm    ****  Fee $250


This weekend intensive workshop is the Shamanic Reiki Master Level III class in the Reiki Shamanism Certificate program. The certificate pre-requisite for this class is Reiki Master Degree and completion of the Reiki Shamanism Levels I and II**.

This workshop is geared for those who are already walking a path of reiki mastery and shamanic practice.

If you are interested and have not taken the prior levels yet feel resonant with this offering, please contact Grace at 781~608~8020 for more information.

** Level I Certification = First Degree Reiki, The Shamanic Journey workshop & Shamanic Helpers workshop series.

Level II Certification = Second Degree Reiki, Reiki Shamanism workshop & Creating Everyday Sacred Space and Ceremony


Here are some of the Level III Program Highlights:

Ways to combine Reiki with Shamanism as we walk the path of Mastery

Working with Shamanic Helpers – traveling between the worlds

Environmental Shamanism – Soul retrieval Journey and Healing for the earth

Guerilla Shamanism – Non ordinary ways to assist for the highest good

Clearing land and buildings – recognizing when a soul is stuck

Soul Retrieval discussion, practice and journey for each other

Becoming familiar with after death realms, Psychopomp discussion and practice

Destiny of human souls – Helping souls cross over, tracking the soul’s progress

Journey to meet someone who has crossed over

Hospice and pre-hospice work – End of life doula – Ways to prepare and assist in ordinary life

Journeying for the ultimate healing from your guides

Opening and closing ceremony