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Workshops and Gatherings at A Higher Balance


   Welcome to the programs page!
Please note! All programs now take place at the new location
as of April 1, 2018… one block away … go to
16 Front St., room 205 in downtown Salem.
Questions or to contact Judy:  617*240*3671

If you would like to rsvp for a program, just click on the rsvp link. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you!
Please honor your rspv! Some programs require a minimum to support a group experience. If your plans change, please give two days notice if possible. Thank you! 


June Events

every Sunday, 5-6 pm
Also, daytime Friday, June 15, 11-noon
Donations appreciated; no rsvp required

Sunday Kriya class is not being held from June 24 – July 22
See you July 29


This high vibrational class expands your consciousness and brings to your body & heart a felt sense of divine love and light. First we expand our energy upwards to connect with divine Source, then we step it back down in a  particular way so we may embody that divine light and love within us. The class also  provides an opportunity for questions and sharing about meditation and its benefits, particularly during these times of integration and awakening. Judy offers comments and answers questions about our personal awakening . Meditation  is guided by Judy, followed by silence.

Usui Reiki

First Degree Certification $175 Rsvp

Sat., June 2 10-3:30
Wed., Jun 13  10-3:30

Second Degree
Sunday, June 17, 10-3

All Reiki levels are available
Request a class: Rsvp

RYSE group energy clearing
Daytime Fri., June 8, 11-12:30 $20  Rsvp


This is Level 1 RYSE. A clear and open energy aligns your thoughts and feelings with your higher self. Everyone loves this group clearing. Levels 2-4, leading up to your initiation to your soul’s blueprint, may be received privately (see descriptions of RYSE)RYSE means Realizing Your Sublime Energies. It clears the chakras, aura, male/female balance and more. RYSE brings about your next level of harmony, health and wholeness. Expect to feel more peaceful, balanced, present and joyful. Before we begin Judy will offer a brief talk about what will occur during the healing.

Sun., June 10, 12:30-4 pm; $40  Rsvp

peace petals168

Join us for an inspiring day with images! This is a simple and soulful collage process to express your many aspects of yourself.  Come for community and creativity for your soul! We use 5×8 mat boards and you select from hundreds of images to work with. Depict your passions, your “inner personalities,” your heart’s yearning, anything you love! Use metaphors, like doorways, winding paths, gateways, bridges, to illustrate your life’s journey.  Animals indicate strengths we have or want. A journaling process allows you to find the deeper meaning behind your creations. Five mat boards are supplied (more available for purchase), along with scissors, glue, and stacks of images (snacks, too!). Bring any images you want to work with, but there are many available for your use. View Judy’s SoulCollage® Gallery


Summer Solstice event
Journey to the crystalline heart grid
With Judy, Kathy Young (crystal singing bowls)
and Joan Lange (singer)
Wed., June 20, 7-8:30 pm $25

Yes, the evening before the solstice!  Rsvp

Tonight we will travel upwards through the layers of consciousness to blend with the human heart grid of crystalline consciousness to magnify love for ourselves, the planet and all humans and creatures. The crystalline grid surrounds the upper outer realms of Mother Earth and holds the energy of unity consciousness. This is a service class…we will first fill ourselves up with pure love and then intentionally spread love, kindness, higher vibrations to all beings. Bring your crystals to activate them. This program features crystal singing bowls with Judy and Kathy Young, as well as an inspiriing song (or two) from talented singer Joan Lange.


Stay tuned…more to come!